Isthmus Abode 2016

Isthmus Abode Landing Page Art 2016

Emily Balsey Home Kitchen

Color evangelist

Graphic designer Emily Balsley doesn’t hold back with home design. Her secret weapon? A can of spray paint.
Straw bale growing

Who needs soil for gardening?

Gardening renaissance man Joel Karsten is invited around the world to share his technique of growing food out of ordinary straw bales.
Hollywood glam meets the 70s

Hollywood glam meets the 1970s

Interior design edges away from classic Mid-Century modern to incorporate more texture, more metallics, and more marble.
The giving trees

The giving trees

Fresh fruit in the yard isn’t just for Californians. Apples and pears thrive here; mostly what gardeners need is a little patience.
Successful seeds

Successful seeds

Ten local gardeners tell what seeds they love to plant. From radishes to jicama, these growers need no coaxing.