Aug. 1, 1986: The 602 Club exists out of time



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Great job.. you brought tears to my eyes

Hello Andy.. I remember you from the bar in the '70's When you hung out with Tim Onasko & the Movie crowd, Tom & Micheal Reutter. I worked for you when your 'Group' opened Capital City Theater.. I was there the night Eugene McCarthy spoke.. I had a Bartenders Permit as I worked for Dudley & Mitch. so I worked the reception after his address. Poorly attended due to a Monster winter storm, but I had a wonderful time with Odetta the singer/musician. I also worked for you with the Carlos Santana concert & Chech & Chong Mary Clayton opened the show.. to this day I still hear her powerful soulful wailing OMG!!! We had a great crew in those days.. Dick Kerr, David Thompson, Jim the law student from Chicago.. Bob Anderson Kathy McConnel Mike Paggie I wish I wish I wish we could go back

Dan Shilcrat 91 days ago