Critics say Olbrich biergarten is being forced on neighborhood



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Open your bar on private land zoned for it, and with private investment.

When people buy a home in a residential neighborhood next to a city park, they do not expect it to turn into a 300 seat outdoor commercial bar seating 300 people and playing amplified music from 4pm until 10pm every single night. That wouldn't be approved in a commercial space embedded in a residential neighborhood, and should be less acceptable in a city park three blocks from the elementary school and a close neighborhood to the east side club which already serves beer on the shore in a smaller and more controlled environment. I don't pay taxes for the city to open up bar in the park, and the east side club doesn't expect their taxes to support opening a competing venue next door. If the city thinks beer makes parks better, let everyone byob at the park? The city doesn't need to be in the already overserved alcohol distribution business, and it's bad mix of public and private business.

Ray Ferguson 95 days ago


Dramatic NIMBY much?

Tyler 95 days ago


"playing amplified music from 4pm until 10pm every single night"

Stop exaggerating. It doesn't help you make your point.

"...East side club doesn't expect their taxes to support opening a competing venue next door"

If you'd bother to do some reading, The East Side Club has no issues with this project. More exaggerating.

Richard 95 days ago

Pro Garten

I've seen and heard many an opponent (ahem, Eastmoreland folks) raise their voice regarding this in public settings and disagreeing with those in favor to a rigorous and one might say impolite way. All indications, in my experience, are that the opponents are, well, acting a bit immature and aren't really listening to the other side. Not atypical for those on the east side who are perpetually outraged (don't deny it for a second; you know who you are). I live and work right in the heart of the east side, by the way. I'm one of you, except I think I'm a bit more rational.

Debbie, I do not drink by personal choice and manage to enjoy myself in settings with or without booze in this city. Would you call a Mallards game anything but family friendly? Booze is served there. What about the Orton Park fest or any of the other festivals? How many times have those gone off the rails due to booze. Never, in my experience, and I see plenty of families at them. If you cannot find an good time in Madison that doesn't involve booze or isn't tainted by booze I think you're not looking hard enough.

Chuck 99 days ago

Not a Big Deal

As a long-time neighborhood resident, I strongly support adding these amenities to Olbrich Park. Maybe Debbie grew up in a teetolaling puritan family, but in MY family, and in most Wisconsin families, beer is a regular part of most gatherings. Beer gardens are absolutely family friendly; in fact they are a vital part of German culture, which largely underpins Wisconsin culture. It's sickening to me that our neighborhood associations (looking at you, Marquette) have been taken over by such angry NIMBYs and conspiracy theorists with reactionary and distinctly non-progressive agendas. What has happened to this city? It used to be that everyone wanted to improve this city, and make it better place to live for all people, which brought us a lot of recognition on "Best of" lists throughout the 80s and 90s. It sure has been a while since we were on any of those lists...

La Crosse Wisconsin Native 99 days ago

Re: Not a Big Deal

Can't speak to the nature of the neighborhood groups at present, though my gut says I'd probably tend to agree with you, but the City does still have its lustre as far as Livability lists goes. #1 according to in 2015, #3 in 2016.

D. 95 days ago

Booze in Parks

This is a new low for Madison to even consider such a proposal. Booze is so promoted here in this City you can't do anything without encountering it. I strenuously object to this idea. How about just ice cream then, if you truly want to be family friendly. In most people's view, booze is anything BUT family friendly. Do NOT let booze enter our parks and green spaces!

Debbie 99 days ago

Ease up

Beer isn't booze. Chill out. It could be a really special place where responsibility is shown to people. The knee-jerk NIMBY folks have gone way overboard. Conspiracy theories now. Goodness.

Dak 99 days ago


Contrary to this article, what I've seen on various neighborhood networks is that there is strong support for the biergarten (for example, an informal poll on Next Door should over 90% support), but the Eastmorland neighborhood association has decided to position their personal opposition as being the voice of the neighborhood, which it's not.

Guile 99 days ago

No to alcohol on city owned lakefront please

Festivals are short. The proposed beer venue would impact park users as well as neighbors. City mothers & fathers must be sensitive to vulnerable adults as well as children. City shoreline is limited in our neighborhood and should be available to all citizens including those who suffer from alcoholism. Bring your beer in a designated private location if desired, not in my face at a city sponsored ongoing venue that neighbors cannot avoid if they want to enjoy the healthful benefits of lakes and parks in their area.
Those without family members afflicted do not realize the devastation. Please say no to usurping shoreline & park space for alcohol activities.

CR K 69 days ago


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