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Healthy comfort food shines at Everly



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Enlightened Eating

Dear Allison Geyer & Isthmus Staff,

I enjoyed reading, yet another positive and descriptive review of the new Food Fight restaurant, Everly in this week's Isthmus.

Yet, in all the enlightenment and descriptive adjectives about the various food tasted, there was no mention of the Executive Chef, Scott Harrell, or Sous Chef Matthew Austin.

Certainly the Culinary Team behind all the flavor, textures and direction of this innovative menu deserve recognition for their skill, hard work and craft.

I cannot comprehend why it was omitted? Let's not get just a few of the Madison Restaurant people get all the acclamation, please try to introduce new names and personalities for all readers to enjoy and enrich their knowledge about dining out in Madison.

Allison, you mention " this lovely eatery has already gained a following", certainly readers would also appreciate following the creative team behind the scenes.


Patti G.
Hi Patti,

Thanks so much for the feedback! You raise an excellent point. Will keep in mind for future reviews.

Have a great weekend!

Allison Geyer

Staff Writer
Isthmus Publishing

Patti Glasz 47 days ago


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