Isthmus Cover Stories


  • Varsity

    Steven Schmitt pens the history of UW-Madison baseball. Though it was the first varsity sport at the school, baseball hasn’t been on campus since 1991. more

  • Orpheum adds familiar face

    After being shut out of East Washington development, Toffer Christensen takes on new role as local talent buyer for Live Nation. more

  • Call me the loyal opposition

    Since the election of Donald Trump liberals have taken to calling themselves “the resistance.” But that’s not accurate. It’s also a posture harmful to American democracy. more

  • Tell All: My tragic romance with a cat owner

    I swore I would not date anyone who owns a cat. But then I met Maggie. How can I keep my allergies a secret from her? more

  • Madison Craft Beer Week

    Isthmus presents tastings, brewer meet & greets and more (including various free events), 4/28-5/7, at Madison area locations; also, Cask Ale Fest, 7 pm, 4/27. Schedule: more

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