Would a legal hunt spell the end of Wisconsin’s wolves?

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A little covered subject

Thanks for the article and all the details. I would hope that the "experts" who refused to grant interviews speak out and make themselves more available. Perhaps this article will lead to more coverage and study of the issues.

Michael Williams 2 days ago

No sensible person wants to wipe wolves out of Wisconsin

We're gonna kill all the wolves! I found this article misleading in many ways. No sensible person wants to wipe wolves out of the state again. They have a place in the natural ecosystem. But as for someone that has spent a lot of time in the north woods. If you spend 5 minutes walking into the woods north of Hwy 8 you'll find wolf tracks. They're everywhere, and I'm not kidding when I say you're likely to see wolf tracks before you see deer tracks. I don't mind them there, but at the same time they are clearly not endangered anymore. A regulated hunt would be no different than it is for deer or bear. The wolves will be fine. An animal can be harvested and still hold a healthy population intact.

Ryan 2 days ago


The recent article seemed a bit disingenuous. Adult wolves diet average is about 4# of meat per day, so for 900 wolves that would be about 24,300 # per week in other words 190 to 200 deer per week.. The wolf population generally resides in the northern 1/3 of the state so quoting statewide deer population and car crash numbers is not even relevant. Mary Falk seems like a nice lady but I wonder how many dogs were killed before she arrived at the magic number of 8?

John Popanz 5 days ago


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