Almost 100,000 march against President Trump in Madison



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Where exactly did you get the 100,000 person figure from?

Is your paper specifically targeted towards Left Wing liberals, or do you honestly not understand the difference between Reporting and Propaganda? If your writers wish to be Opinion piece writers instead of real Journalists, could you please have the decency to inform ypur readers of ypur Bias?

Joshua Vaccaro 58 days ago

False Title

Not everyone was down there was protesting Trump. Yes was there Trump protesters but most of the women and men I encountered down there were just letting their voices heard on women's rights and other important topics. The title to this article diminishes what the awesome women and men of this state accomplished out there this weekend.

Sonny 58 days ago

Class and race and other identities

How class and race and other identities are connected and part of the same struggle is well described in this article:

Yakov Pipman 59 days ago

Headline inaccurately states purpose of march

I want to make sure Isthmus and others are reporting the general purpose accurately. The headline of this article is inaccurate. We were not protesting against Trump yesterday. We were marching as a show of presence and activity to preserve the freedoms all minorities have fought so hard to accomplish and push for more progress in all areas.

Michelle 59 days ago

Title change please

Women's March on Madison, that's the title on the post, on the story. Trump may be a horrible spark for a growing flame. But, we are the fire and it is time for a controlled burn to get rid of the deadwood. Our friends and families are at our sides and we love them for it. But, it is our time to shine. Make no mistake. Burn brightly or burn out.

Jeanne Wright 59 days ago

It figures

I'm a Madisonian but honestly I don't get it. The "no freedom til we're equal" sign? Trump never said all genders weren't equal. He's just horny, and rude. And how ironic there's a sign about love not hate and in the same frame some kid is carrying a sign bullying the President, with a stupid personal insult and an unflattering rear. This is how you teach your kids to protest a president that calls people names and talks about the body parts of others, by bullying him and doing the EXACT same thing back? And you tell them that's okay? Isn't artwork like that how the holocaust flames were fueled in the media/papers? Shame on these adults. Teach the RIGHT way to protest, not throw more personal insults or fake news back out into the world. These hypocrites are disturbing to me. Give the man a chance. Teach your kids there is not one right way to believe, and democracy did its job but here's what we can do to help. Get locally involved, start programs, fundraisers for the businesses you want to support, that's the right way to react. And vote in 4 years. But YES. He IS now your president. The democratic system worked as it was supposed to. I don't like it either, I didn't vote for him, but I choose to stay in America. If you don't accept it, then feel free to run for an office, or just leave. Communities "need a common enemy" are you really serious? I can't believe how bad the poor me my candidate lost crowds are pouting about this election outcome! And the violence that some marches have produced? It's all so embarrassing for America. Marching won't do a thing. What do you want, an impeachment before he begins? He's here whether you like it or not. But go ahead waste time walking around in a mob mentality with colorful signs, if it makes you feel better. Or get to work doing something that actually matters, for us and our next generation.

Mary B. 60 days ago

"I don't get it"

Glad you started your comment with those words, because the rest makes that perfectly clear. There is no middle ground with this narcissist. You are either for him or against him. We were not deaf and dumb for the last 8 years. We heard every fascist, every misogynist, every homophobic, every racist remark; every lie and every twisting of the truth from Hannity and Limbaugh, McConnell and Boehner and Ryan and all the other scum, and we have not forgotten. We intend to respond to this poser not simply in kind, but infinitely more angry, infinitely more aggressive, infinitely more unforgiving than anything they can imagine. And if they don't like it, tough.

RonC 59 days ago


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