The end of voter registration drives

As registration goes digital, some will face more hurdles to vote



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Blah, Blah, Blah

Again with this?... "Those evil Republicans have made it so difficult to register/vote, no wonder why we lose"
It's simply not so and you provide a really weak argument.
Move on and figure out how to win without blaming conspiracy theories.

Madison Dude 49 days ago

RE: The end of voter registration drives

Wonderful to have a Legislature focused on ensuring that each vote is authentic and accurate... Faith in a legitimate electoral system is critical, and these steps are long overdue.

WashCoRepub 49 days ago

Personal responsibility has to play a role

I think the Republican efforts to disenfranchise voters (and weaken public records laws and politicize environmental regulations and give away taxpayer money to wealthy donors and so on...) are deplorable but let's be honest: the Wisconsin DMV website states pretty clearly that people are supposed to update their drivers license or state ID within 10 days of moving so there's really no excuse for anyone to have an out-of-state license or ID showing a residence from your last apartment anyway. Now, there's an argument to be made that waiting around at the DMV takes time and money plenty of people don't have and I think the DMV should be open past 6PM and on weekends but the new online option is one way around that and anyone who can go to the public library for a registration drive can also sit down at a computer terminal and access the DMV website if they don't have internet access at home.
I think it's shameful that one party is continually trying to find ways to make it difficult for people to vote but it's also shameful that plenty of people are apathetic and fail to prepare themselves to participate in the democratic process - anyone who has time to march on the Capitol or wave a sign should have time to update their ID and make sure they're able to cast a ballot on election day. And, honestly, the people who just stay home on election day are as big a part of the problem as the crooks trying to rig the system.

Phil Rhein 49 days ago

Criminalizing the voting process

Once again, we see that Republicans are criminalizing the voting process while they remove or reduce public disclosure and limits on campaign contributions. Deregulating donors and heavily regulating voters.

So they insist that campaign contributions are "speech" and should not be regulated yet voting they seem to think is a suspect activity that should be a privilege, not a right.

Self governance is at stake and we are quickly losing that American ideal.

Andy Olsen 50 days ago

Criminalizing the voting process

Hands off the donors and truncheons for the voters. Those people you call "Republicans". Are they minions of the oligarchs whose only purpose is to affect our deepening political impotency unaware that what they really are doing is dismantling democracy itself thereby harming themselves as well as the intended target. Us.

Richard Onsrud 25 days ago


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