The sad life of Jaeson Shepard

Addiction, despair, drug dealing and death



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Know the family and Jaeson

I knew Jaeson in school, and knew his mom later in life. Jaeson had a heart of gold. If only Obamacare/badgercare plus had existed before Jaeson died, he would've been covered under badgercare plus for methadone treatment and it wouldn't have cost him a penny. When you finally get clean, you'll do anything to keep it, so while most can never understand what Jaeson was going to do to be able to pay for his treatment, those who've been there can... and at that time methadone treatment was about $10-12/day. I often wonder if the county thinks about the money they'd have saved on this case alone just by providing some type of program to help uninsured addicts maintain their program. Let them perform community service in some way to help offset the cost and so they are contributing and helping earn their payments. There is a sense of accomplishment that comes from that as well. Also, a program like that would help reduce the number of using addicts, which would reduce other crimes regularly committed by addicts who are trying to support their habits. There are better ways to help with our drug problems here in Wisconsin, and throughout America, than just punishment through the penal system overcrowding our prisons and putting soft drug offenders in with real hardened criminals teaching them to be better criminals rather than helping them get better by treating the addiction aspect. Not every opiate addict should be on methadone, or any medication assisted treatment, but they should have the option to get help regardless of insurance. We'd spend less money collectively than dealing with the fallout of their addiction, i.e. crimes, punitive measures, cleaning up the messes instead of helping prevent them in the first place.

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