The war over wind

Critics say green groups are too tight with industry



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Turblight is just not right

Energy sprawl from wind turbines is worse than fracking and coal mining in many respects. It's the biggest form of visual blight Man has constructed in terms of vertical footprint and horizontal spread through the countryside. The affected land won't get reclaimed in any realistic time-frame, as is often the case with mining and drilling. Dismantling wind turbines seems like a very slow, costly process, should they ever be entirely phased out. I can picture the Earth 1,000 years from now with millions of rusting hulks littering the landscape, doing nothing. People will be stuck seeing these things on vacation, unable to recreate a natural experience unless some hills luckily mask the ruined views. Wind power is an abomination when you really study the consequences. It's hard to believe environmentalists would drink that flavor of kool-aid.

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