What will happen to the original Wisconsin governor's mansion?

State officials mum on plans for historic landmark



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Fate of Knapp House

The one-time Governor's Mansion at 130 East Gilman Street is a stately home and for some time now used for UW-Madison doctoral students. Apparently the UW can no longer afford to operate the property, apparently due to expense associated with compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. However, I do recall that the ADA has a grandfather clause for older buildings and this property was built in the mid-1800's. It's also on the Historic Register so how much involvement with the ADA is necessary seems open to question in my view. The fact that it is now up to the state's Department of Administration to sell the property is worrisome. In order for the UW to keep the Lake Mendota Life-Saving Station to the rear, the property has to be divided, requiring a process with the city Planning Commission. However, every time the UW wants to go before the Commission, the DOA vetoes the agenda item. DOA says nothing in between these actions, leaving the future of the Life-Saving Station, and the entire property, in doubt. I find the behavior of the DOA to be outrageous. This is a public property and as such citizens ought to have a say in the fate of this fine historic home in the city of Madison. So far, the DOA is silent and refuses to say anything until a contract is negotiated, at which time it is too late for public input. This is disgraceful! It is time to legally challenge the Walker administration concerning the fate of this important and historic property and see to it that the public has a right to information and input into the decisions about this property's future!

Rebecca Freund 227 days ago


January 22, 2017


January 23, 2017


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January 28, 2017

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