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Put your tags on, kitties!

Aside from Blackie, it looks like none of those other cats in the pics are wearing collars/tags. As someone whose cat was missing 6 weeks (eventually found him) my job was made exponentially more difficult by the incredible no. of free range kitties that turned out to be just resident cats. Theres actually fourth type of cat, Mr Nolen - the one that follows you down the street meowing and distressed like hes lost but really hes just a resident cat who thinks all humans have magic powers and can open the door to his house.

In one case, an E Wash business found a cat and called me - it wreaked havoc in their office and disrupted their day in a major way....and then it turned out to be just a neighbor cat and not mine at all. Do you think those people are going to go out on a limb and try to help again?

Come on cat people! There are certain life skills that all kittens should be taught at a young age, icnluding nail trims, feeling comfortable in a carrier, AND.... wearing a collar.

That said.. OK, I admit it... I enjoyed the kitty pics.

catya d 106 days ago


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