UW System President Ray Cross is not up to the task



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We all know what will be cut anyway

Not too difficult to tell what the cuts will be, anyway. It'll invariably be things that directly affect students in negative ways, to generate the maximum amount of pain and outrage. There might be five 'Deputy Assistant Directors-to-the-such-and-such' in a department, but those positions won't be touched to preserve the benefits-and-patronage rich fiefdoms that run rampant in academic institutions.

WashCoRepub 312 days ago

what DID he do

What I'd like to know is what he did with the time instead. Nothing? Another direction?

Dr. Janice M. Bogstad 313 days ago

Lap Dog Cross

Spot on, Dave.

Karl Johnson 313 days ago

really dave?

Apparently you didn't hear that Cross canceled the presentations after Regina Millner received wind of their tenor. Because thats what happened. One would think a former mayor would have more contacts in UW admin to get the proper background for what feels more like a 'hot take' than a op-ed.

willystresident 313 days ago

Response to Willystresident

It has been widely rumored that Cross was pressured by regents, but that's not confirmed. I do mention that possibility in my blog, but even if it's true it doesn't exonerate Cross. My point was that his job is to stand between political pressure -- wherever it originates -- and what's best for the institution.

Dave Cieslewicz 312 days ago


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