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Nuclear Options

It was a pleasure to read Allison Geyer's fine article in the Jan 21 issue. Her review of Rep. Kevin Petersen's proposal (AB-384) to lift a decades-old moratorium on new nuclear plant construction in Wisconsin was comprehensive and fairly presented.
Environmentalists should be open-minded to the proven science of nuclear energy. Fear of small amounts of radiation has no rational basis (nuclear power has a safer track record than renewable energy production in terms of mortality per kilowatts generated), and the term "waste" refers to residue from our aging fleet of 2nd generation nuclear reactors, none of which will be built again. Only 3rd and 4th generation reactors will be built in future, which will decrease the volume of spent fuel or eliminate it completely.
By lifting the ban on future nuclear plant construction, Wisconsin can potentially enjoy a cleaner environment and new freedom to study and develop a 4th generation of smaller, safer reactors that can actually consume the unspent fuel that used to be called waste.

Richard Steeves, MD and Philip Carlson, MD more than 1 year ago

Westernized Tea Service?

I'm glad to see Nani Restaurant reviewed, I've been visiting it regularly since it opened, and am so glad that I no longer need to drive to Chicago for dim sum. While the piece did capture the essence of the restaurant, I am confused by how the author describes the tea at Nani: "though it’s westernized here, arriving in a silver pot, not with a traditional tea service." How is tea arriving in a metal pot "westernized"? I think metal tea pots are used around the world and are not a particularly Western thing. I'm also curious as to the "traditional tea service" the author was hoping for. Having lived in a Chinese speaking country for two decades and eaten dim sum in multiple places, I could not think of a time when there was any fancy ritual or ceremony performed when tea was served for dim sum.

K. Y. Wang more than 1 year ago


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