An utter load of crap

Claims that the GOP stole Wisconsin elections have no merit



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Election errors and fraud.

Errors (and even fraud) can and will happen in our elections (fed, state, local) in all 50 states. These concerns can be reduced to near 0% when the day the voters "30 Full Voting Rights" are recognized and honored by the political parties and by our elected/appointed officials (fed, state, local). ... Thanks and Good Luck,... Full Voting Rights Advocate,... e-mail:

Frank Henry 185 days ago

Cummins Clownishness Does Not Cut Charnin's Math

Michael Cummins attempts to shock and manipulate his audience with his limited and vile vocabulary, while his puny arguments against Charnin fall flat on their faces. Cummins elides Charnin's mathematical proofs by pushing mere assertions that have nothing to do with mathematics, as well as citing the testimony of one lonely pollster who universally discards the reliability of exit polls. In other states and, indeed, in other nations, exit polls routinely predict the outcomes of elections with stunning accuracy - as they have consistently done in the case of the GOP primaries in 2016. Cummins has bought into the conspiracy theory that election fraud is a collective fantasy of perverted wishful thinking, and, instead of mathematics, he uses childish ridicule to make his case. Cummins' errors are identical to those of the opponents of Darwin, who persistently reassert the fundamentalist validity of The Bible to counter tons of fossils and the entire body of genetic research. Cummins is so thoroughly incompetent that this attempt to wound Charnin can safely be ignored by all and sundry.

Cicero Benn 186 days ago

DId you read it?

I can see how the exit poll thing can be a matter of opinion. But Charles Franklin is hardly the only expert who discounts the validity of comparing exit poll results to actual election results. It seems hard to find an expert does think such a practice is valid.

Do you seriously not see the major flaw in Charnin's cumulative vote share analysis for Wisconsin, having read the column? How Charnin does not account for the differences in how rural vs. urban Wisconsin reporting units are grouped?

Michael Cummins 186 days ago

tacky headline

If one wants one's opinion to be considered I would think the use of a less tasteless headline should be considered.

Kathleen Rust 187 days ago

Yeah, that's fair...

I was in kind of a mood when I titled it, Kathleen.

I am glad that there are watchdogs keeping a close eye on things, and applying scrutiny. But it stirs me to some anger when people are willing to undermine crucial confidence in our election system, when it is unwarranted.

I feel the same way about what the GOP is doing with voter fraud (as contrasted with the election systems rigging that Charnin "proves"). To gin up allegations of widespread voter fraud, for political ends, which also casts unwarranted shade on the integrity of our elections, is shameful.

Michael Cummins 186 days ago

The evidence...

Mr. Cummins does not believe in systemic election fraud? The usual "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". And of course, the typical naysayer reference to a "conspiracy theory" Mr. Cummins has not rebutted a any of my evidence..Let's see him try. Here are my WI blog posts:…/1Ib27G_vDNtQDNLDR8rXiU2LJLCn…/edit#

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Richard Charnin 185 days ago


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