How to Survive the next four years



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Yeah, who needs a Great America anyway?

Thank you God (that seems weird--I'm an atheist) for WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. Retrospectively we can see that the DNC couldn't lie, cheat, steal and kill its way to victory. Most Democrats likely haven't seen the youtube smash hit by Peter Schweizer called "Clinton Cash," but if you can spare an hour out of your life, you may learn that the Clintons are far more corrupt than you can imagine. Also, I should note here, that after watching a youtube video called The Trump Tapes: Volume One, I decided there was no way I could be brought to vote for Trump. All his life he's been spouting progressive platitudes until this election, and now, it's suddenly "I'm mister conservative, and I'll choose the most conservative VP I can..." to me that smacks of opportunism. So I voted Johnson/Weld and have pretty near memorized the Libertarian Platform. Anyway, as that as an intro, I just want to say what a load of bollocks I think the article above is. The ACA may be as good as gone, but it was a terrible stab at National Health Care in the first place. Way too much bureaucratic overhead, way too optimistic in its costs and goals (as such programs ALWAYS are.) It was much too complex for the ordinary person to understand. So let's hold off on crying over that one. As for more laws "disenfranchising urban voters," First I would ask, are we talking legal or illegal voters? If you're talking about tighter security to make sure only legal voters can vote, we should ALL be for that. Secondly, if Trump is able to re-invigorate the economy, a task to which he is uniquely suited, then it may be possible for local governments to afford MORE polling places rather than fewer. Elections cost money and that is with volunteers manning the tables! It is said that "likely people will die because of this election," with "LGBTQ suicides on the rise." Having people kill themselves is not what makes America great. Under Obama the suicide rate among middle-aged, white, American males has risen significantly. Loss of jobs, bankruptcy, and foreclosures are taking their toll. As for attacking black churches and mosques, don't you think that would have happened under a Barack Hussein Obama administration as a means of protest? Case in point is that a$$hole kid that opened fire in a black church. Racial tensions have skyrocketed in the past few years under Obama the uniter. I can't think it will get any worse. First of all, it won't be good for Trump's hotel business. This is something many of you hand wringers forget. In the back of Trump's mind, every decision will inescapably be tainted with, "Will this be good for Trump Enterprises?" On the whole, I think there is good reason for optimism.

Jim Olsson 104 days ago


Please stop. People that can't feed their kids are going to be short-sighted. It's called desperation. The Democrats abandoned these folks. Get your head out of your behind.

Jimmy James 106 days ago

Apocalyptic rhetoric

What is your hope as to what you'd like this article to accomplish? Quit the apocalyptic rhetoric we need to stand united as a country and respect the decisions of citizens whether or not we agree with them.

Nikolas Heyworth 107 days ago

Hillary won the popular vote

You might want to rethink what you said.

Fred Jones 106 days ago

RE: How to survive the next four years

"So far, all it has seemed to do is help Mike McCabe book more speaking gigs."

Your party has been taken over by the Professional Political Class, more interested in their incomes than the incomes of their supposed people they're serving. Polls, demographic slicing and dicing, messaging ad infinitum, fundraising, etc. Wasserman-Schultz and Brazile fixed the Primary and marginalized 'your' Trump, which was Sanders.

I hope for change on your side. The Democracy is healthier with a vibrant opposition party.

WashCoRepub 107 days ago

RE: How to survive the next four years

Mike McCabe isn't a spokesman for the Democratic Party. His whole movement is an independent one seeking to bridge the divide between the parties and demographic groups in the state at a grassroots level.

D. 107 days ago


Thank you for this insightful and spot on analysis, depressing as it may be.

Liz Dannenbaum 107 days ago


An increase in LGBTQ suicides because of Trump! White supremacists attacking churches and mosques! Sounds like someone is fantasizing a little too much. Curious how in the last eight years the Obama white house still payed women much less than men. I suppose that is Trumps fault as well. The progressive agenda has done little to nothing to improve the working lives of women and it certainly has failed the population of people that live in our inner cities, I suppose that is also Donald's fault? Nothing like getting whipped in Wisconsin elections for the last 5 years to make you have some self reflection about your parties shortcomings. I suppose it is easier to blame racism and sexism and conservatives. Because obviously if you are liberal you are pure of heart and mind. HA!

Paul 108 days ago

Dear Paul

Thanks for the fan mail!


Alan Talaga 108 days ago


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