Karen McKim and the problem with single-issue candidates



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"single-issue candidate"

This seems to be the go-to criticism of McKim. But no one ever elaborates beyond this: what are the issues that he is talking about & she is not? If McKim's is a "one issue campaign" then is his a "zero issue" one?

Also, I kept waiting for the author to elaborate what the "problem" was. It never happened. He listed what other things that McDonnell has done, but never made the case that McKim would not do them either (in fact this very paper has another article that indicates her support of many if not all his other efforts).

Mark Manville 111 days ago

Karen McKim's response to this

I didn't know anything about race, so before I voted early, I googled and found this. First I thank you for writing about this race, there is very little info out there. However, I don't know why Isthmus chose to use space to print an article complaining that one candidate appears to be talking only about one issue, instead of just doing what they always have done so well, inviting the candidates to respond to a series of questions and then printing those answers. I kept waiting for that to happen this year & it never did, oh well. So all we have is this, and frankly it isn't really journalism, it's essentially an opinion, and a very one-sided one.

So after reading this I searched more, and actually came upon Ms. McKim's direct response to this article, posted in the Isthmus forum. For anyone interested enough in this race to read this article, you will also want to read Karen's response:


In case for some reason Isthmus won't allow me to post a link to their own discussion forum, just google on this : "Isthmus Who are you voting for in the County Clerk election?"

Mark Manville 113 days ago

Karen McKim for Dane County Clerk

You have not heard Karen McKim's message if you really think this article has any validity at all. I am sure the friend of Scott McDonald, who wrote this very biased and uniformed piece of garbage, can keep their good standing with the established democrats in Dane county who are not interested in voting on Merit, but only in voting by party. Many blind democrats who are just waiting to see the (D) before a name, would often not look to find the Evil in (D)evil.

John Stanley 135 days ago

Single most important issue

Seriously? Haven’t you read the news lately? Even Homeland Security is making noises about needing better election protection. Dane County has the ability to verify election results but isn’t doing it? Well, that’s my single issue, and I’m glad McKim is willing to get it done.

Kendra 136 days ago


I love it that a candidate is finally making an issue of the voting machines! I go through a lot of work to vote, and I want a county clerk who will make sure my vote is counted. I know some people who don’t even bother to register because they don’t believe their vote will count. If we get a county clerk who checks to make sure, I’ll bet I can get them to register and vote. Election officials should do their work and make sure people know their votes will be counted!

Jennifer Berends 137 days ago


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