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Recreation plan for former Badger Ammo site should not include motorcycles, rocketry



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Motorcycle bias

Please read the following article, keeping in mind it's referring often to 4 wheeled (ATV) and snowmobiles and that dual sport motorcycles are two-wheeled/single track so their impact is even less. The Isthmus article is so typical of the usual prejudice against motorcycles in potential shared usage situations. Sounds good re "tread lightly" appeal but is not factual in just who and what can and does cause damage. Additionally dual sport riders are exceptionally conscious and concerned users as regards effects on the environment. Your missing out on some great opportunities for partners in preserving and enjoying our outdoors.

Ron 63 days ago

The Article...

Sorry forgot to include link to the article I asked to be read. Here it is:

Ron 63 days ago

Author knows nothing about motorcycles

"The proposal to allow motorcycle riders to take over 50 percent of these biking and equestrian trails for up to six days is the most worrisome part of the draft plan. Which trails will be “repurposed” for this is as unclear as the reasons these machines are more acceptable than ATVs."

Well, for starters - motorcycles have (2) small, narrow tires vs. (4) large, wide tires on ATV's. Motorcycles would differ only slightly from mountain bikes in terms of trail damage. Just because you personally don't like motorycles (and clearly know nothing about them) doesn't mean that a large percentage of the population enjoys the sport. Furthermore, modern off road motorcycles are very quiet and have mandatory spark arrestors to prevent possible fires.

We are talking about 100 motorcycles, six days per year. It is almost a guarantee that hiking, mountain biking and other use covering 359 days a year will cause far more damage than 6 days of motorcycle use.

In any case, you disproved your own point - "(motorcycle) organizers would be responsible for fixing any damage done to the trails."

Jake Sprecher 80 days ago


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