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You Don't Get It

"I am not becoming more conservative, but I am turned off by what looks to me like the indiscriminate frenzy of angry liberals." Maybe, you were never progressive to begin with. The fact that you have a vacation house up north separates you from a lot of those "angry" folk who don't and who don't think like you. They don't have your big pension, cozy perks from office, and easy life style: they have trouble making a living. That's why Democrats like you completely missed the Trump phenomenon and the people who vote for him: liberal Democrats didn't deliver when the economic crunch came. Obama could easily have come up with a single payer health care system (he had a majority in the House and Senate for his first 2 years); he didn't. He could have helped average people: instead, he helped banks and Wall St. That turned lots of people off from the Democratic party and representatives (former) like you. Face it Dave, you're out of your cozy office for many reasons!

Francine Flambeau 3 days ago

Well said, Dave!

Well said, Dave. I used to live next to one of your mayoral staff. At first he was wary of me because I worked for TGT. We eventually cooperated on replacing a shared fence line. Talking while working, he told me that you were the kind of environmentalist who did not shout, “Don’t do that!” but showed you how to “do that” more safely and effectively. I voted for you. Maybe your op-ed is calling you back to the big white building. Good luck, amigo.

tim haering 5 days ago


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