Yes, Madison is a racist city

We all need to change that together




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Madison Wisconsin- Systematic Racism

I'm almost speechless , after reading your article I couldn't agree more. I recently moved to Dane County 2 months ago from out of state. I'm an African American woman as well. I worked for a company in Madison for one day and I instantly noticed that the management was exercising racist practices. I noticed that there were no African Americans in leadership positions , but many were well qualified for them. Something needs to be done about the systematic Racism here , it's a very serious problem .

Miss faith 137 days ago

Update for 2016

I'm considering the move to Madison and I'm in IT. What can you say for Caribbean Born New Yorker thinking about making the move?

Themerovyngian 219 days ago

What's really racist?

This story is valid, but I believe that young black men and especially women and all whites have a lack of understanding of what racism is in America. Racism is more systemic and institutional, no whites fear of looking a black man or woman in the eyes. Racism is all about power and they way it can be used to deny freedoms of any kind. If you want to go after racism in America then we should start with banning the ethnicity and sex disclosures on job applications, or enforce fair banking and housing to prevent what is called "red taping". To deal with matters of police brutality we must have reasonable police reform and promote the idea of more black men and women joining the force to protect their neighborhoods with neighborhood watch coordination. Also in unjust shootings of all unarmed people's law suits should be paid out by police unions as punishment for unjust actions. My experience as a black man that lives in Wisconsin has been great, and to be honest black women have had it easier than black men in today's society. However everyone's vies are different, but still the awareness is needed. Bigotry whether white, black, or even black on black can be a problem but it needs to be ignored because knowledge of ones self will always win out in the end. Name calling and ignorance can be ignored and people's perceptions can be surpassed, but the real racist is the institution of the American economy. If black America wanted to have reforms like the ones I mentioned we would do what king wanted in 1968 before his death and hold an economic boycott. For one week we African Americans that spend more in a week than any would hold out, saving over eight hundred million or more from being spent in on an economy that's not benefiting us. It is good that people are aware of bigotry in the city of Madison, but people still have no idea what racism is in America, and I hope someday people will get it in order to end it.

Mark Turner 296 days ago


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