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  • Madison students grill Sen. Ron Johnson

    You know how people have been bugging U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson to hold an in-person town hall, and he keeps refusing? Well, it finally happened at Madison East High School. And the students did NOT hold back. more


  • Comedy with teeth

    Progressive talk radio host Stephanie Miller has shifted her approach to comedy since the election of Donald Trump. It’s also about resistance now. more

  • In science they trust

    Thousands of people marched in Madison on Saturday as part of a nationwide call to defend and promote science-based policies and solutions. But they also urged empathy and dialogue over dogma. more

  • Tell All: My tragic romance with a cat owner

    I swore I would not date anyone who owns a cat. But then I met Maggie. How can I keep my allergies a secret from her? more

  • Scientific method

    The first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency have been met with protests at every turn — first the Women’s March, then the airport sit-ins, then the general strikes. Now, scientists and climate activists are taking a turn. more


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