Tell All: Self-righteous liberals pile on UW-Madison

They’ve found the perfect pretext in the racist incident at Camp Randall Stadium



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Group mentality concerning left vs right.

Why do Conservatives speak louder than Liberals? Group think. Conservatives subconsciously know they are at minimum 'understood' when they speak. Their thoughts have been echoed from generation to generation. Their reasoning has been supported by not only their peers, it was supported by every Liberal before that same Liberal grew into a better, bigger understanding of history, human nature, and the paths available to take towards the future. Conservatives are more secure and feel safe in their opinions.
Then there are us - Liberals. Our roads are the ones less traveled. Our elders tsk and groan as we go beyond the 'Group Think'. Even as we know our goals we can't be sure of how to get there. Often we are unaware of others who are dissatisfied with the Group.We feel vulnerable, un-confident. Alone, distained, until strengthened by new friends with new thoughts.
We are the smart geek on the playground. We haven't figured out how to get past or stop the bully and his buds. Those who only watch are afraid. They may stay quiet, unnoticed in the crowd. They may choose the seemingly safe spot backing up the bully, they may bite back their fear and join us.
We don't have the strength or size to overcome the bully. We know because in frustration we try the bully's tactics when we las out, demean, and lie trying to protect ourselves and gain allies. This backfires. We need better methods to gain allies, to grow our group. We are the thinkers, philosophers, historians, and experimenters. Despite of our mistakes we are learning to grow and strengthen our group. We, (I prefer the title 'Progressive ') havel always been the smaller group at the front of the people trying "to form a more perfect union". Looking backward in history we can see progress along the road less traveled that our forefathers chose. It is rocky and steep but nearly all of us have made progress along it.

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