Madison is stepping up enforcement on unregistered Airbnbs. Some landlords, like photographer Andy Manis, had no idea their tenants were booking rooms on the popular website. more

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​Airbnb- and VRBO-type services have been hailed as the wave of the future. But few of the Madison properties operating on these sites are following local rules or paying room taxes. more

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I spent most of my childhood at a motel. When I was little, my dad left his office job in Chicago to buy the Falls Motel in Black River Falls. It was his dream to own a motel in small town Wisconsin, though I'm still not sure of the reason. more



Jeff Drew

Madisonians love renting out their homes through Airbnb. But the hospitality industry is not amused. more


Last November, David Waugh and Bob Klebba opened Mendota Lake House (formerly the Collins House), a stately stone bed-and-breakfast on Gorham Street. Rather than fight the trend, they have opted to list rooms on Airbnb. more

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