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According to an annual report from the UW-Madison Police Department, hate crime reports on campus property surged in 2016, jumping from two in 2015 to 20 last year. There were no reports of hate crimes on campus property in either 2013 or 2014. more

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Chris Roberts

Whether Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are guilty of murdering Theresa Halbach matters to millions of people, thanks to the documentary “Making a Murderer.” Four new books dig into the case reaching definitive, yet incompatible, conclusions. more

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Lauren Justice

Before he was elected judge, Everett Mitchell made his mark on Madison as a pastor and a social justice activist. Now that he’s on the bench, he’s continuing his community involvement because he says it makes him a better, fairer judge. more

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Steven Potter

Attorneys representing the family of Tony Robinson say they had strong evidence directly contradicting Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny’s account in the 2015 killing. On Thursday, the city settled the case for $3.35 million. more

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Donald Trump was elected president running on a law-and-order platform that called for tougher stance on crime. That creates serious challenges for those who see the criminal justice system in dire need of reform. more

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It’s conventional wisdom that prison populations have swelled because of get-tough-on crime laws that have forced judges’ hands. But in a new book, Marquette law professor Michael O’Hear argues that judges are also part of the problem. more

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David Michael Miller

Prison inmates already struggle to afford things they must buy with the little money they get doing prison jobs and from family. But under a new law, prison officials are taking this money to settle inmate obligations. more

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It’s depressing to learn that a white supremacist who was convicted of arson attacks on black churches is now a UW-Madison student. But changing the university’s admissions policies will only hurt those who genuinely deserve a second chance. more

Jan 27, 2017 3:43 PM Madland

Weeks after a 700-page report outlined two comprehensive proposals for consolidating the jail at the Public Safety Building, County Executive Joe Parisi is asking for more options. more

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True crime was once devoted to recounting the lurid, gruesome details of murder, mayhem and more. But the purveyors of the “new true crime” — filmmakers, journalists and others — are now using it to shine light on a broken justice system. more

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David Michael Miller

For three years, Dane County has given a select number of addicts a chance to avoid prosecution, provided they complete a rigorous deferment program. The county is now looking to double the program’s capacity. more

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James Heimer

A first-of-its kind media campaign is being launched in Dane County to prevent domestic violence. It shifts the focus from victims of abuse to those who abuse and need treatment. more

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After a decade of investigating the disappearance of Amos Mortier, journalist Nathan Comp is now working on a documentary about the case. He hopes the film might prompt police to take another look at the evidence. more

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David Michael Miller

Since the early 2000s, states across the country have been pulling back from the more punitive measures passed in the 1980s and 1990s. Now it’s time for truth in sentencing to also go. more

Oct 6, 2016 5:00 AM Opinion

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Mike Hall

Sonia Sotomayor walked the aisles of Shannon Hall while answering questions posed by two of her former law clerks. She said she saw her public role as helping to demystify the court and inspiring others to “help make the world better.” more

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A relatively new state law requires an outside investigation of police-involved deaths. Rep. Chris Taylor of Madison wants to prohibit officers from investigating those police departments where they used to work. Schimel — arrogantly — opposes this. more

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Madison is once again facing a bleak budget outlook and Mayor Paul Soglin is considering deep cuts throughout city hall. But will the police department be exempt? more

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Carolyn Fath

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne is being challenged in the Aug. 9 Democratic primary by his staff member, Bob Jambois, who says the office “in terrible disarray.” Ozanne counters that Jambois’ criticisms are racially tinged. more

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David Michael Miller

On June 1, Abdullah Akhun was watching a Johnny Carson rerun at his East Johnson Street corner store when an armed man tried to rob him. Watch the security video of Akhun chasing the robber off with a baseball bat. more

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Noelle Ghoussaini

​Based on letters between an inmate and an actor/activist, “Mariposa and the Saint” is a traveling production that highlights the anguish of solitary confinement. more

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