David Tenenbaum


Dave Tenenbaum

Unless you love bike shops -- the old style, with bikes and parts hanging in semi-controlled chaos, staffed by passionate experts who don't need to tap a keyboard to know the seat-tube diameter of a 1968 Peugeot PX-10 -- you may not miss the Yellow Jersey, which is leaving State Street on Monday, September after a 42-year run. more

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Eric Tadsen

One by one, the students who will soon compete at the state forensics championship take the stage in the small theater at Memorial High School. Their timing is flawless, their gestures are fluid, their skill level is professional. Some of the performances, which last four to 12 minutes, make audience members laugh; some make them cry; a surprising number do both. more

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David Tenenbaum

It's early summer, 2008. I am perched on a scaffold 25 feet above a driveway just outside the village of Oregon, south of Madison, looking down at a white house that was built -- I'm guessing -- in the 1920s. The windows were busted out long ago, and I notice that the house has progressed from ramshackle through dilapidated to true hoveldom. Then I return to the task at hand: struggling to place a handmade casting on an enormous ornamental gateway. more

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