Emerald Ash Borer


Courtesy Madison Parks Division

There are an estimated 2 million ash trees in Dane County. As more of them are killed by the emerald ash borer invasion, the devastation will be impossible to ignore. more

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Paul McMahon

​Festival Foods is using whole ash trees culled from Madison’s streets in place of steel to hold up its East Washington Avenue Store. The cutting-edge technique is a collaboration with WholeTrees Architecture and Structures. more


Christina Newton fears what her neighborhood on the near west side will look like after Madison deals with the dreaded emerald ash borer pest."Our whole neighborhood is highly concentrated with ash trees," says Newton, who lives on Rugby Row near For more


The arrival of the emerald ash borer within the city of Madison was brought home to me a few weeks ago through the stark buzzing of a chainsaw. A crew took down a good-sized ash in the park next to my house. It was a tree I had never paid much attent more


Madison is a shady town. I mean that in the best possible way. Trees line our streets and public spaces, providing crucial shade during those hot summer months. It may not seem like it now, but there are times when Madisonians want relief from all th more


While neither the insect nor its larvae have been detected in Dane County, Karl van Lith, a member of Madison's EAB task force, says it's likely they're here. The task force has preemptively made four recommendations in an attempt to mitigate the imp more


Madison is preparing for battle against the emerald ash borer, a beetle that has laid waste to millions of ash trees. And city officials are asking for residents' help. more