Jacqueline Sutton

In 2005, while taking a winter vacation in Florida with her fiancé, Bonnie Barklow noticed a lump in her left breast. Upon her return home in March, the lump was biopsied, and she was diagnosed with localized breast cancer. The tumor was treated with Taxol, a chemotherapy drug. The tumor went into remission, and Barklow continued to take her yearly winter trips to Florida. more

Aug 14, 2008 2:00 PM News

Fernale McAtee remembers how abruptly things changed, how his minor scrapes with the law suddenly began having major consequences. To him, it seemed a bit opportunistic. "When I turned 17, it was like, 'Now we got you!" says McAtee, who lives in Madison and works for Operation Fresh Start, a local youth intervention program. "Now we can charge you as an adult." more

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