Madison Metro


Benjamin Zastrow

In the early 1980s, Madison Metro set a high standard with its paratransit service. Now the city proposes axing the service as the state shifts funding away from counties toward private operators. more

Nov 9, 2017 5:00 AM News

Substantial research shows that making middle and high school children get up early for school can damage their health and education. But it could cost Madison schools $2 million to delay middle school starting times. more

Dec 8, 2016 5:00 AM News 1 Comments


David Michael Miller

For decades, ridership on Madison Metro has been steadily growing. But over the past 12 months, ridership is down 8%. Is the drop a temporary blip or the start of a troubling trend? more

Aug 25, 2016 5:00 AM News 1 Comments


Tommy Washbush

In the April 23 cover story, Nathan J. Comp explores how booming ridership is creating a host of problems and inconveniences for those who ride the bus. Comp spoke to WORT-FM producer Dylan Brogan about the story. more

Apr 28, 2015 10:32 AM News

Some of the happy and not-so-happy passengers share their feedback with the transit agency. Last year, rider complaints, compliments and suggestions added up to 3,159 items, down slightly from the year before. more

Apr 24, 2015 8:00 AM Isthmus Cover Stories


Tommy Washbush

Madison Metro hit a record 15 million passengers in 2014. But booming ridership also means exasperated customers, as the cash-strapped bus system struggles to run efficiently. more

Apr 24, 2015 8:00 AM Isthmus Cover Stories

Madison has its own version of San Francisco’s Google bus. Unlike Silicon Valley, though, Epic relies on public transit to ferry workers. Madison Metro is struggling to keep pace with demand. more

Apr 2, 2015 1:00 PM News


David Michael Miller

Michael Barrett doesn't ride the bus all that much, as he mostly gets around by bicycle. But his mom and an elderly neighbor both depend on Madison Metro to get out. And so Barrett, who is a member of Madison Area Bus Advocates, fears how changes pro more

Jan 13, 2015 11:13 PM News


Joe Tarr

The members of Yahara House, a clubhouse that helps adults cope with mental illness, have a saying: "Nothing about us, without us." So when they learned this week that the bus stop in front of their clubhouse, located at 802 E. Gorham St., is going t more

Aug 21, 2014 9:32 PM News

Epic Systems hired roughly 500 employees last week, and another 300 are expected to come on board this week, according to Drew Beck, the planning and scheduling manager for Metro Transit. Many of Epic's employees choose to live in Madison's downtown more

Jul 13, 2014 3:22 PM News

Ald. Satya Rhodes-Conway will be fighting Mayor Paul Soglin's proposal to hike bus fares by 25 cents in his $266 million budget for next year. Rhodes-Conway calls the hike -- which comes on the heels of a 50-cent fare hike in 2008 -- "regressive." more

Oct 9, 2012 9:14 PM News