The Decemberists


Autumn de Wilde

From their beginnings as baroque poppers to their current incarnation as folk rock heroes, the Decemberists have been identifiable by their hyper-literate, lushly produced catalog of songs. They visit Overture Hall on Sept. 30. more

Sep 29, 2015 1:15 AM MUSIC

With a wintry name and a bandleader who confesses "slavish love" for Morrissey, England's king of the bleak and tongue-in-cheek, the Decemberists don't seem like a sunny lot. That doesn't mean the Portland, Ore., five-piece aren't enjoying their fame more

Apr 14, 2011 2:00 PM MUSIC


Eileen Joyce

Indie music came to the Overture Center last night -- sort of. Portland, Oregon's The Decemberists returned to Madison, playing a larger venue than they'd originally planned on, and in the process revealed themselves as shameless arena rockers. more

Aug 6, 2009 3:05 PM MUSIC

The Decemberists have been performing The Hazards of Love from start to finish at many recent concerts. The band comes to Overture Hall on Aug. 5. more

Jul 31, 2009 2:00 PM MUSIC

Colin Meloy is the most literary rock 'n' roller of his generation. The Hazards of Love is his Moby Dick. It's a sweeping, epic tale, full of stylized language and symbolism. At its core, it's a saga about the raw and twisted emotions that drive huma more

Apr 17, 2009 2:00 PM MUSIC


Emily Denaro

Spring's first muggy show of 2007 formed a line down State St. and around the corner to the Orpheum's doors early Friday evening. The mid April sun beat down on mildly perspiring heads, but Mother Nature could not compare to the hot lights and swelte more

Apr 21, 2007 10:25 PM MUSIC

There may be no reference to Iraq, but the album evokes the feel of this violent decade, achieving a social relevance rarely found in today's pop music. more

Oct 19, 2006 4:12 PM MUSIC