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This month brings new episodes of an atypical superhero show, a dark drama with some surprising leads, and the return of two of the most haunting shows on TV. more

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March TV comes in like a lion with the return of acclaimed comedy “Silicon Valley,” Marvel’s wonderful “Jessica Jones” and a “Roseanne” rebooted for the Trump era. more

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February is the month for smart and diverse comedies. TV critic Alex Claiborne previews “2 Dope Queens,” “Coach Snoop,” a rebooted “Queer Eye,” and a returning “Last Week Tonight.” more

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Kyle Nabilcy

Madison’s highest-profile chef bests Bobby Flay on Iron Chef Showdown. Tory Miller brought his best tweaked southeast Asian favorites for the win. more

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Melissa Moseley

Septuagenarian comedy, hilarious loneliness, and a different look at Chicago’s South Side make for an interesting start to 2018. more

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We’re living in television’s golden age. Isthmus TV critic Alex Claiborne shares her list of favorite TV shows from 2017, including several female-led comedies and three animated shows. more


TV critic Alex Claiborne previews some new shows that aren’t about the holidays. She checks out “Easy,” a documentary on Ben Bradlee, “Happy!” and “The Crown.” more

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November’s TV offerings include “Alias Grace,” a new series based on a Margaret Atwood novel, the return of “Shameless” and “Lady Dynamite.” more

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Isthmus TV critic Alex Claiborne says it’s time to grab a pumpkin spice something-or-another and hunker down for some October television. more

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September has a lot going on in the television world, including a new series by David Simon and the return of Broad City and Will & Grace. more

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Peter didn’t win The Bachelorette, so he’s back on that grind. We join one of his fitness boot camps. more

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Isthmus TV critic Alex Claiborne looks at a slate of promising shows returning or debuting in August. more

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Our hometown hero didn’t win. But he didn’t really lose, either. more

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George Burns/ABC

Can our sweet, sweet boy pull it off? A retrospective on this season of The Bachelorette. more

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George Burns/ABC

Peter brings Rachel to the farmers' market and doesn’t get the poor girl any curds or spicy cheese bread. And she still gives him a rose! How does this guy even do it. more

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Hometown boy Peter weathers the storms of The Bachelorette and brings the show to Madison more

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Helen Sloan/HBO

OK, July’s got some great TV coming our way, but let’s not pretend this month is about anything but the return of Game of Thrones. more

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Paul Hebert

Our Madison man is doing well on The Bachelorette — mostly by being very Wisconsin. more

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It’s not often that major reality television events find their way to our neck of the woods — 77 square miles surrounded by reality TV, amirite? — but it looks like that’s about to change with Season 13 of ABC’s The Bachelorette. more

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This month brings the return of “Master of None” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” — and the highly anticipated new episodes of David Lynch’s magnificent “Twin Peaks.” more

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