• “I am not the jerk the nation thinks I am”

    The person who called the police on Supv. Shelia Stubbs claims he didn’t do it because she was a woman of color: “I never called the police ON YOU.” Stubbs finds the apology hollow. more


  • Fresh start

    Sherman Middle School ended last year in turmoil, with the resignation of its principal and accusations of racism. An interim principal is trying to heal the wounds, but mistrust and skepticism remain. more

  • Trump voter helps Madison liberal

    I bought a boat from a crusty engaged business owner who gave me a break on the price. He was also a proud Trump voter. more


  • Bringing the beer to the people

    With more breweries and fewer distributors, some beermakers are seeking out new options to get noticed in a crowded market. O’so Brewing Company’s proposed taproom on East Washington Avenue could be part of a growing trend. more


  • Tell All: My husband’s strange behavior

    My husband’s father passed away while he was on the road. He didn’t tell me until three hours later. more


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