• The Churchill’s darkest hour

    Built in 1915, the Churchill Building was Madison’s first “skyscraper.” The building had an enormous influence on how Madison developed. Now the state wants to tear the building down for the most ironic of uses — a history museum. Read more


  • Enbridge v. Dane County

    Dane County wants to require Enbridge to carry $25 million in insurance in case its pipeline through Dane County leaks. In 2015, the state Legislature passed a law prohibiting such a requirement. The state Supreme Court will now hear the case. Read more


  • Leaving the “liberal bubble”

    John Sharpless, the conservative history professor, compares going against the liberal grain at UW-Madison to “pooping in the pool.” But after his retirement last December, many people will miss him. He’ll be honored at a private party March 26. Read more


  • Vetting fail

    It appears that no one vetted Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn for problems in his past. Hagedorn has been mired in controversy over his extreme views. Read more

  • Baffling

    Tangent, the East Washington Avenue venture from Vintage Brewing Company, has plenty of beers exclusive to this location. But the menu, with an emphasis on trendy ingredients, isn’t coming together. Read more


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