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Sunday, March 31st

MACN Supper Club at Brassworks at Goodman Community Center (6-9PM, $35-$45 per person)

Monday, April 1st

Honoring Our Roots: A Dinner Inspired by Odessa Piper at L'Etoile (6 PM, $135 per person, optional wine pairing $75)

Pizza and Bingo! at Pasture and Plenty (5-8PM)

Tuesday, April 2nd

5th Annual Sandwich Contest at Gotham Bagels (7AM-3PM)

Dessert for Dinner: Sweets Turned Savory at Surya Cafe (6:30PM, $35 per person)

Italian/Chinese Dim Sum at Osteria Papavero (5-9PM)

Autism Benefit Dinner at The Statehouse at The Edgewater (6PM, $65 per person)

Wednesday, April 3rd

Pretty Fly Fungi at Pig in a Fur Coat (5-10PM, $55 per person)

The Big Night with Phillip, John, and Joey Bagels at Gates and Brovi (5-10PM)

Korean/Italian MASH at Osteria Papavero (6PM)

Dinner on a Train at Porter (6PM, $108 per person, $31.50 optional drink pairing)

Thursday, April 4th

Izakaya Night at Sal’s Sun Prairie (4-9PM)

International Street Food Night at Pasture and Plenty (5-8PM)

Friday, April 5th

From Russia with Love: A James Bond Food Inspired Late Night Experience at RED (10:30PM, $30 per person)

Saturday, April 6th

Culinary Ladies Collective Brunch and Jams at Pasture and Plenty (9AM-1PM)

​Saturday Big Italian Dinner at the Italian Workmen's Club (5PM & 8PM, $55 per person)

Sunday, April 7th

​Fox Heritage's Campy Meat Raffle Happy Hour at Camp Trippalindee (3-6PM, $20 per person)