Isthmus Dining 2016



12 months of meals

Isthmus reviewers make the rounds of the latest restaurants.

Hear, and be heard

Seven of our favorite Madison restaurants where it’s quiet enough to carry on a conversation — or just dine in a gracious atmosphere.
Bloom Bake Shop

Not by bread alone

Madison’s bakeries make lovely loaves, but also much more. Throughout, there’s an emphasis on natural sweeteners, organic grains, and options for vegans and the gluten-free.
Brovi Cod Cakes

Team brunch

Madison is a brunch-friendly burg. We pick 11 new favorites.
Mariah Curry


Would a Heathen Vegan Shoplifter’s Delight by any other name taste as delicious? Probably. Take a tour through Madison’s most cleverly named menu items.
Edgewood Boathouse

Out of sight

Have you ever said “I didn’t even know there was a restaurant here”? Here are five out-of-the-way restaurants worth discovering, serving healthy bowls to barbecue.