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The question is: How the heck can anyone in the United States avoid HFCS? If you scan your local supermarket shelves, you will find it in places both obvious and baffling. It's no shock to see it listed on the side of a soda can or in jelly, cookies, popsicles or even Gatorade. But pickles? Really? Salad dressing, bread, crackers, ketchup and beef jerky? It is virtually everywhere you turn. more

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It's only appropriate that Judy Blume's upcoming appearance in Madison as part of the Wisconsin Book Festival coincides with the American Library Association's "Teen Read Week." Even more appropriate: Her visit comes hot on the heels of "Banned Book Week." Few children's authors have had their books challenged and pulled from library shelves more often than Blume. Five of her books landed on the list of the ALA's "Most Challenged" books 1990-2000. This is in large part thanks to Forever, Blume's 1976 novel about the sexual awakening of a teenage girl. It is #8 on the top 100 most challenged books of the 1990s. more

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Honey is a bizarre food. A miraculous food. Small black-and-yellow-striped insects armed with venomous butt-daggers suck nectar from flowers, along the way facilitating the strange ritual of floral sex, or "pollination," as the prudes call it. The bees store their nectar in a second "honey stomach," and upon arriving back at the hive, puke it into another bee's "honey stomach." These bees then let the nectar further digest, before disgorging the material into the storage area of their intricate insect palaces lined with perfectly hexagonal compartments. more

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The barbershop is the alpha male of the hair-care world. While the Cost Cutters, Supercuts, Wal-cuts, Cuts-R-Us and other fast-food-style salons of the world have challenged its existence, the barbershop has survived - like a silverback gorilla pounding his chest from the top of a cliff, surveying the landscape for danger and potential mates. more

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