Joe Tarr

An estimated 1 billion birds die every year after flying into glass on buildings. The deaths are preventable. And the Madison Audubon Society, UW-Madison and an army of volunteers are trying to make buildings safer for feathered friends. Read more

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Doug Pellerin

Operation Migration is famous for teaching whooping crane chicks how to migrate from Wisconsin to Florida. But with the flights grounded and the organization shutting down, what will become of the cranes? Read more

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Judith Davidoff

Chuck Henrikson is an avid birder. He’s also a citizen scientist, reporting all of the birds he sees and hears to an international database. It’s one of the many ways citizen science happens at the UW Arboretum. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

“Taking Flight” is a new book from historian Michael Edmonds. It combines field adventures with a cultural history of how Midwesterners have interacted with birds. Read more



Joe Anderson

As Madison’s building boom continues, more and more buildings are being erected with a prominent amount of glass. Traditionally, glass reflections have been deadly to birds. But science is finding new ways to help avians avoid them. Read more


Climate change is already shifting and shrinking the terrain suitable for many birds to live and breed, UW-Madison researchers have discovered. Read more



Pete Olsen

A population boom has sent scores of snowy owls into the United States in the past two years. Researchers took advantage of the migration to track the mysterious birds with transmitters. Read more