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Buck_Naked_on_Parade turns Bucky on Parade on its head. It’s exactly what you think. Read more

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Some of the statue designs that didn't make the cut Read more

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Dylan Brogan

Have you seen all the Buckys around town? Three of them are bullshit. Read more

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Sean Kennedy

The Bucky on Parade public art program unveils 85 decorated Bucky Badger statues all across Madison. See the festivities in this photo gallery. Read more

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Starting May 7, 85 Bucky Badger statues — each uniquely decorated — will be displayed around Madison. One of them incorporates signatures from 4,511 community members. Read more


Before he wore a badge, Madison Police Chief Mike Koval was the most beloved badger of them all: Bucky. Read more

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    Sean Kennedy

    You can find the statues across town through mid-September, when many will be auctioned off to benefit the Madison Area Sports Commission and Garding Against Cancer.

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    Sean Kennedy

    "Sconnie B. Goode" is covered in Wisconsin memorabilia.

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    Sean Kennedy

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    Sean Kennedy

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    Sean Kennedy

    The final sculpture revealed was Enlightened Bucky, painted head to toe with butterflies, a symbol of learning.

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    Sean Kennedy

    Not surprisingly, live-action Bucky was a big hit at the State Street festivities.