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Cooking along with others is better than just cooking for others, says chef and culinary teacher Joel Olson of Hemmachef. His holiday wine dinner at Smoky’s Club is the next chance to learn...and eat. Read more


Chef David recreates the unique Doritos Panko Fish recipe as seen on our very first episode of Car to Table featuring Chef Tory Miller of Graze, L'Etoile, and Sujeo. Read more

Car to Table

Chef David recreates the delicious stuffed chicken breast recipe as seen on episode 8 featuring Phillip Hurley and John Gadau from Sardine, Marigold and Gates & Brovi. Read more

Car to Table

Chef David recreates the tasty fruit crisp recipe made by Chef Tami Lax of Harvest on episode 7 of Car to Table. Read more

Car to Table

Chef David recreates the mouth-watering grilled ribeye recipe Chef Casey of Tangent made in the most recent episode. Read more

Car to Table

Madison chefs share their go-to holiday recipes for different diets. Gluten-free, vegan, protein-hungry? No problem. Read more

Isthmus Giving

Make sure your summer BBQs don’t go up in flames with BBQ tips and classes. Sponsored content from Madison College's School of Professional and Continuing Education. Read more



Stacy Bruner

Spring has sprung, and that means it’s time to fire up the grill and enjoy some tasty outdoor cooking. Read more


Chef Kevin Appleton will share the skills you need to be successful with your own Instant Pot in classes exclusively for readers. Read more


Learn to use the new kitchen appliance at special classes exclusively for Isthmus readers. Read more



Stephanie Hofmann

Local CSA farmers take a break on Turkey day, but they often bring a dish to pass. Recipes from Vitruvian, Crossroads Community Farm and Los Jalapenos. Read more

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Tenaya and André Darlington “Make Hollywood Great Again” with new food and cocktail book "Movie Night Menus." Read more



Dylan Brogan

Diane and Jamie Ramsay have been growing mushrooms at their family farm for decades. They often give advice about how to prepare several varieties of fungi (just don’t ask them if they have morels). Read more


“The Wisconsin Supper Club Cookbook” collects the iconic recipes of the state’s indigenous restaurants. And Madison travel writer Mary Bergin cooked and tested every one in an epic taste journey. Read more



Alexandra Cohn

Isthmus gift guide 2015: How to make the cook in your life head straight for the kitchen (and cook you something delicious) Read more

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Jennifer Leaver

Discover a new Thanksgiving tradition. Seven Madison chefs share their favorite recipes: duck confit stuffing, jambalaya, a boozy pudding and more. Read more

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WYOU’s “The Kitchen Krewe” series features Madison chef Barbara Wright and local families, cooking fresh and adventuresome. Read more

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Carolyn Fath

Cooking classes for every taste unleash the inner chef, and there are many options to choose from. Read more



Eric Bell

Hilldale’s Sur La Table serves it up, from the mundane to the macaron. Read more


Get out of the apple pie rut with “Astonishing Apples” by Joan Donatelle. Read more