Garver Feed Mill


Staci Fritz

Ice cream flavors pegged to the season? You bet. The new Calliope outlet at Garver Feed Mill features experimental flavors available only there. Read more

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Kenny Rosales

The pizza and salads are reliably good at the new Ian’s Pizza at the Garver Feed Mill. The ordering process is the only issue. Read more



Martin Menocal

Garver Feed Mill is “an oasis in the middle of the city,” says Kosa Spa owner Shilpa Sankaran, and a perfect spot for Madison’s first specifically Ayurvedic spa. Read more



Twig & Olive Photography

Ledger Coffee Roasters is slated to open in Garver Feed Mill by the end of September. Richard Wirsta spent four years immersing himself in growing, roasting, grinding and brewing coffee. Read more

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Carolyn Fath

After numerous delays, the city of Madison and Chicago-based Baum Development are about to close on the sale of the Garver Feed Mill. But the project still has a long way to go. Read more



David Michael Miller

In April, city officials unanimously voted to approve a plan to redevelop the Garver Feed Mill into an artisan food production facility. Seven months later, the Chicago-based developer still hasn’t closed on the property. Read more

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Source: City of Madison

Now that the city has approved redeveloping the Garver Feed Mill as a food production facility, the project will become part of Madison’s burgeoning “food innovation corridor” on the city’s north and east sides. Read more


The Garver Feed and Supply Co. closed its doors in 1997; that same year, the city acquired the mill and surrounding property. Years later, the mill sits crumbling and unused, with the land around it wild and undeveloped. Read more



Peter Patau

If Madison wants to redevelop the dilapidated Garver Feed Mill near Olbrich Park, it will have to create a new park of an equivalent size somewhere else in the city. It's the latest hurdle in a redevelopment effort that has dragged on for decades. Read more