Isthmus Drinks 2018


University of Wisconsin-Madison

First came locally brewed beer. Then came locally sourced ingredients. Soon, brewers could be using locally sourced yeast — a new species discovered right here in Wisconsin. Read more

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Lucas Endres

The cocktail that changed their lives. Boozy revelations from high doses of bitters to fat-washed martinis. Read more

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Rare taps? Curated bottle selection? An elegant spare vibe? It’s all working at BarleyPop Tap and Shop. Read more

Isthmus Drinks

Blind wine tasting at Barriques, beer crawl along Atwood Avenue and a cider tasting to benefit the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, this week in events full of pour decisions. Read more

Isthmus Drinks


Union Wine Company

Wine in cans is portable, single-sized, not tinny….and it comes in varieties from rose to pinot noir. Read more

Isthmus Drinks

Tasting several beers purposefully can serve several purposes. Experimentation, social interaction, trial runs. We break down the gentle art of creating a flight. Read more

Isthmus Drinks