Jonathan Raymond Popp

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    Jonathan Raymond Popp

    Mother (Bridget Doxtater) and daughter (Emma Staudenmaier) argue in Miranda Belle's play "Sea Mother."

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    Jonathan Raymond Popp

    Nicole Lane Starr (left) as Helen and Emma Staudenmaier as Fantasia in "Unfathomable" by Jessica Andrewartha, part of Kathie Rasmussen Women's Theatre's "Mythical Creatures."

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    Jonathan Popp

    Max Ducey delivers a moving performance as Vera, the family matriarch.

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    Jonathan Raymond Popp

    Isaac Brieske and Deanna Martinez in "A Valentine's Affair 2019" from Madison Shakespeare Company.

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    Jonathan Raymond Popp

    The cast of "Let Them Eat Cake," a production by Kathie Rasmussen Women's Theatre.

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    Jonathan Raymond Popp

    A family's fragile peace is disrupted when photographer Frank (Bob Curry, left) visits the home of Joyce (center) and Phillis (Samara Safarik, right) and their son Jared (Mark Kennedy).