Lake Mendota

Much has been written about the dangerously high water level of Lake Mendota. Now Dane County officials have to listen and do something about it. Read more

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After a week of rising water, sandbagging and worries of more flash flooding, Madison still isn’t out of the woods yet. Dylan Brogan relays the human toll of the disaster and, with the help of local experts, explains how we got to this point. Read more

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Dylan Brogan

With more rain forecast and the lakes at capacity, Madison residents spent Friday preparing for flooding and fortifying their homes. Read more



Alejandro A. Alonso Galva

Lake Safety will now be called UWPD Lake Rescue and Safety. Police say people won’t notice many changes, which will involve administration, training, setting procedures, and forming partnerships with other first responders on Lake Mendota. Read more


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Adam Matthew Hinterthuer

When the lakes are frozen, Madison is a winter wonderland. But reliable ice and deep snow are becoming the anomaly. We’re losing something magical. Read more

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Jeff Miller/UW Communications

As Steve Carpenter, one of the world’s most respected ecological thinkers, retires from the UW Center for Limnology, he sounds a warning for Lake Mendota. Read more

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David Medaris

The warnings were out there. In this 2007 Isthmus column, Bill Lueders quotes Russ Hefty, then the city of Madison's conservation resource supervisor, and Larry Nelson, then the city engineer. Both warn about rising lake levels in Lake Mendota. Read more