Logan Jaffe

Hundreds of Airstream trailer fanatics are cruising into Madison this week, parking their shiny, tin mammoth-mobiles and joining in the the 2009 Wally Byam Caravan Club International Rally festivities. It's the opening day of the 52nd annual convention, which means it might be smart to steer clear of the Alliant Energy Center for a few days. Unless you're into the whole vintage trailer thing, that is. And Canadians. Read more


These are the kids who stapled hand-made band flyers to telephone polls in the snow and only knew each other's first names. They were Madison's "scene" in the days of Sonic Youth and Nirvana. And, as the self-proclaimed "aging hipster" Blunt Rapture puts it, "these are the people who aren't dead yet." Read more


Memorial Union Terrace buzzed with energy last Friday evening as some 3,000 people packed into the lakeside hangout for the first night of the Isthmus Jazz Festival. Watch the following soundslide recap of the evening. Read more