Madison Mayoral Race 2019



Enough people were ready for a change and all Satya Rhodes-Conway had to do was prove herself able to do the job. She did that easily, able to tout three terms on the council, and her work with the Mayors Innovation Project. Read more

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Victoria Davis

A group funded by Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele has paid for $47,000 worth of mailers for challenger Satya Rhodes-Conway, while developers, CEOs and real estate agents are chipping in big for Mayor Paul Soglin. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Madison is in much deeper debt today than it was eight years ago when Dave Cieslewicz left the mayor’s office. Mayor Paul Soglin and challenger Satya Rhodes-Conway give their take on the city’s debt situation. Read more

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Chelsey Dequaine

Racism, mass transit, the public market and temperament were all debated at Isthmus’ mayoral debate. Read more

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Amy Stocklein / Victoria Davis

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin says he has the experience to tackle Madison’s challenges. Challenger Satya Rhodes-Conway says it’s time to give someone else a shot. The election is less than three weeks away. Read more

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Mayor Paul Soglin won the mayoral primary but with only 28 percent of the vote. That’s not good news for an incumbent. Read more

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Amy Stocklein

Mayor Paul Soglin and Satya Rhodes-Conway will square off in the general election on April 2. Staff writer Dylan Brogan reports on the candidates’ polar opposite campaign parties. Read more



David Michael Miller

Are our cultural, political and economic differences with the rest of the state fueling an ever wider divide? Do we need to come up with a marketing strategy to rebrand Madison? Read more

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Joe Rocco

Five challengers say it’s time for new leadership in Madison — in other words, it’s time for Mayor Paul Soglin to go. But the city’s veteran mayor says his opponents overlook progress made during his last two terms and he’s “not done yet.” Read more

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Tax incremental financing was a slick idea and for the most part it’s worked out great in Madison. But there’s a downside. Read more

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Some argue that the time demands of being a city alderperson make the current part-time structure impractical. Should there be fewer members who work full time and are paid more? Read more

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Five of Madison’s mayoral candidates met Wednesday night for a public forum on how the city can better support a vibrant arts scene. Read more