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Local artists and tattoo shop proprietors say the market has been flooded with new tattoo studios employing inexperienced artists like the one who botched the tattoo on my shoulders. This has affected the reputation of the industry as a whole and made it harder for the average consumer to find a competent tattoo artist. more

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Susan Schmitz thinks downtown Madison may end up paying a price for its many years of success. "We don't know what it's really like to have a downturn," says Schmitz, president of Downtown Madison Inc. "We've been a little bit complacent [because] we've been somewhat recession-proof. Maybe that time is over." more


If you listen to Madison bank CEOs, their decision to accept federal bailout money is a sign of their financial health. "As opposed to a bailout, think of this as the government putting a stake in the ground," says Greg Smith, chief financial officer at Marshall & Ilsley Corp., which, while Milwaukee-based, leads the Madison area in deposits. more


Being with friends and family over the holidays is not usually considered a luxury. But what if your loved ones are far away? The cold, sterile glare of your computer screen is your ticket to keeping in touch on a shoestring budget. more

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