David Michael Miller

PILOT is a little-known tax the city of Madison charges some city agencies in exchange for municipal services. Do taxpayers end up footing the bill? Read more



David Michael Miller

Paying property taxes can be an overwhelming burden on elderly homeowners. A little known city program offers some help. Read more



David Michael Miller

Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway is proposing a $40 wheel tax on car registrations in order to fund her transit plans and plug holes in her overall budget. Read more

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Wisconsin’s roads are a mess and the state badly needs to invest in public transit. But first it needs to find a way to raise tax revenue. A messy work-around concocted by Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee might just do the trick. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Cutting off small business owners and employees from their livelihoods is bad policy. Making it harder for tobacco addicts to access potentially life-saving alternatives is positively cruel. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Americans seem to be believe that free parking is a fundamental right. It’s not. If you can afford a car at all — gas, insurance, maintenance — nine bucks a month is not unreasonable for parking. Read more

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David Michael Miller

On April 18 Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill offering a $100 per child tax rebate and a weeklong sales tax holiday on school supplies. It’s obviously an election ploy. But it won’t work. Read more



Carolyn Fath

There are already so many reasons to hate big box stores, but here’s one more: Thanks to a 2008 state Supreme Court decision, retailers can sue to slash their property assessment, passing the tax burden to ordinary citizens. Read more

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Downtown hotels saw their property values double, even triple this year. Facing higher tax bills, one industry rep says they will cut labor costs. Read more

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David Michael Miller

A tuition tax credit, supported by Gov. Scott Walker and legislative Republicans, has benefited rich families the most. According to state Department of Revenue data, the wealthiest 13 percent of taxpayers collected almost 65 percent of the deduction Read more



Chris Winterhack

Wisconsin’s historic preservation tax credit has done more than breathe life into old buildings, its fans argue. It’s also helped create jobs and revitalize rural towns. Will reducing the credit eliminate one of the most effective tax cuts? Read more

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Dylan Brogan

A Dane County Judge says the property once home to St. Raphael Cathedral is not exempt from city property taxes. Read more

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