Michael Feldman, host of “Whad’Ya Know?,” reacts to the news that Wisconsin Public Radio is cancelling his 31-year-old comedy quiz show. He says he’s hoping for a second act. more

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Kelly Doering

The show's teetering on the brink of catastrophe, and the listeners have absolutely no idea. First the phone system crashed -- on the one day the studio engineer is not on site -- and it could go out again at any moment. more

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Nayantara Mukherji

Covering such topics as Islamic heavy metal and punk bands, democratic traditions within Islam and the practice of polygamy and Shamanism, the show has attempted to portray the diversity of Islam without whitewashing it. more

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On July 1, Phil Corriveau, director of Wisconsin Public Radio, resigned. Still recovering from a 2008 stroke, he's been moved out of the network's campus headquarters and given a Beltline job. Officially, he's "director emeritus," leading research an more

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