The downside of Wynton Marsalis

The trumpeter is not the jazz savior he's made out to be



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Wynton Marsalis mediocre playing

This review was brilliant and to correct the previous commenter who cant understand the connection between the 2 musicians ,here are some sparks that hopefully have a short range.Miles promoted Wynton Marsalis way before the 80's.After doing him a favor,Marsalis was extremely critical of Miles even though he wasn't 1/100 the jazz musician Miles was.Wynton's thinking was being warped by the failed drummer turned bitter critic,Stanley Crouch.Most of Wynton's critiques were word for word diatribes he heard from this angry failure of a drummer.Still,he showed disrespect and utter stupidity trying to categorize what was and wasnt jazz.Wynton is a musical dinosaur who has regressed rather than progressed.His brother Branford,on the other hand,is very creative and lightyears ahead of Wynton.Within the grand panorama of Jazz ,since its inception, Wynton Marsalis' overall contribution could be likened to that of flatulence within a hurricane.Miles,on the contrary,changed the course of Jazz music at various points of his life and is in the category of Louis Armstrong and the truly great.

Perdor Duende 58 days ago

Downside of Wynton Marsalis

Talk about "my mind's already made up," wow. Luckily I didn't get any sparks in my eye while reading this axe grinding. I love Miles' very personal genius but I don't get the connection with Wynton. Two completely different fish sometimes inhabiting the same kettle but to wildly different effect. This review is a good portrayal of what happens in criticism when the critic is locked in his own bubble.

Clayton Haven 248 days ago