Latest Food & Drink Stories

  • Specials!

    Food-loving diners looking for novel dishes during the pandemic need to keep an eye out for specials. Between Lent and Madison Restaurant Week, there are plenty. Read more

  • New role for the Y

    “This need is not going away,” says the YMCA’s Jen Kruel. The organization went from zero to 60 in becoming a food provider as COVID-19 hit last spring. Read more

  • “Old fashioned” packages tied up with string

    The concept of the take home cocktail kit came to the fore with the pandemic. Getting just the right amounts of the right ingredients makes sense. Read more

  • Table Wine highlights Black winemakers

    Black winemakers are not as rare as they used to be, but only a handful of these wineries are distributed in Wisconsin. Table Wine owner Molly Moran thinks it’s important to support these makers. Read more

  • Adaptations, adjustments

    Restaurants find keeping menus simple for takeout works best. They continue to innovate to get food to consumers. Read more