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New Glarus Brewery is celebrating 25 years in business. Though it sells only within Wisconsin, it’s the state’s largest craft brewery and the 16th largest craft brewery in the country. Read more

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More development on East Wash means more places to eat and drink. Tangent, the new brewpub from the Vintage folks, is set to open Jan. 23. But wait, there’s more. Read more


Multimedia artist Helen Hawley’s multimedia exploration at Arts + Literature Lab draws, in part, on her recent residency in Senegal. Read more

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Blue Agave

There were trend-followers and trend-makers. All in all, it was a surprising, if low-key, year in Madison restaurant openings and closings. Read more

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Linda Falkenstein

Keeping track of Madison’s restaurant scene? Kingdom West African restaurant will open a second location in Northside Town Center, Marie’s Soul Food is headed to Monroe Street and The Chicken Run has closed. Read more




City reviewers liked the new sushi and poke vendor TK, an offshoot of the brick and mortar restaurant Tavernakaya on East Main Street. But the number of new carts vying for licensing is down. Read more


There are a number of “best practices” to follow when you are adopting a dog, whether you are working with a breeder, a rescue or an animal shelter. Read more


Making homemade dog treats is fun, every so often. These feature wholesome ingredients for your canine companion — who will (let’s face it) eat moldy sweet potatoes out of the compost bin. Read more

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Christian Ardner

Everybody knows it is better to give than to receive, right? Is that really true? Read more

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Brian Kluge

It may be hard to wrap, but giving the gift of learning offers your giftee a realm of possibilities. The only hard part may be choosing what sort of class to pick. Read more

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Christopher Healey

Thanksgiving in a restaurant is the best of both worlds. Turkey and often a lot more, and no dirty dishes. A roundup of Madison-area options for 2018. Read more

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Freaky’s Pizza and Wings is open behind the IHOP on University Avenue. Coming soon: More Korean food downtown and more barbecue on the north side. Read more



Linda Falkenstein

If you still yearn for fufu since the departure of Africana Restaurant, yearn no longer. West African dishes, including yassa, fufu and domada — are back. Read more

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Downtown, 309 N. Henry St. has yet another new restaurant tenant, The Globe. On the near west side, The Heights Kitchen has opened. On the north side, Bistro Honda has closed. Read more

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How do you tag a butterfly without killing it? “They are tougher than you think,” says Mark Martin, a volunteer with the Madison Audubon Society. Read more


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Linda Falkenstein

No joke, poke is here, and Poke it Up is a good place to learn to love it. But sooner or later, Madison’s poke spots will need to introduce more novel options. Read more



Union Wine Company

Wine in cans is portable, single-sized, not tinny….and it comes in varieties from rose to pinot noir. Read more

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Linda Falkenstein

Madison’s groundwater bests Neenah’s surface water in a close race at the Wisconsin Water Association’s 33rd Best-Tasting Water in Wisconsin contest. Drink up, folks. Read more



Linda Falkenstein

The best sandwiches in town are at Casetta Kitchen and Counter. The sandwich creators may use some trendy ingredients, but always with good reason, and with great results. Read more



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Monroe Street construction causes consternation but Brocach will be back, vows owner. Other restaurants have construction delays, and a special beer will benefit reconstruction in Sun Prairie. Read more

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  • Food-Chens-Dumpling-House-crLindaFalkenstein-12202018.jpg

    Linda Falkenstein

    Chen’s Dumpling House was a return to the kind of small, locally owned restaurant featuring global cuisine that was once the lifeblood of State Street.

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    Linda Falkenstein

  • Food-Borokhim-Laila-crLindaFalkenstein-12062018.jpg

    Linda Falkenstein

  • Food-Kingdom-crLindaFalkenstein-11012018.jpg

    Linda Falkenstein

    Yassa, a spicy, lemony Senegalese stew, features tender marinated chicken pieces.

  • Food-Poke-It-Up-crLindaFalkenstein-10112018 2.jpg

    Linda Falkenstein

    Try adding some ahi tuna to the Hawaii Green bowl, a combo of brown rice, salmon, edamame and seaweed.

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    Linda Falkenstein